About Quick Thai Cuisine

Quick Thai Cuisine is a family owned and operated dine-in and takeaway restaurant situated in Walkley Heights, in Adelaide’s north-east.

John and Lisa
Phayphid (Lisa) and Chanthaboun (John), with son James.

Like many people from South-East Asia, owners John and Lisa have a passion for good food. It forms an important part of celebrations and day-to-day family life.

It doesn’t take much of an excuse for Thai people to get together for a
“simple meal” that many of us would consider to be an exotic feast!

About Lisa

Lisa was born and spent her early years in a small village in Nong Khai province in north-east Thailand, which borders with Laos. The region is well known for its spicy and very tasty cuisine, influenced by the flavours and cooking styles of both countries.

Nong Khai Province
Image: Google Earth

Like many in her village, Lisa learned to prepare the region’s signature dishes from relatives, and often cooked for her family.

Lisa moved to Australia in her early 20’s, where her passion for cooking and food continued through her work in Adelaide restaurants. She also became more interested in other Asian cuisines and began dabbling in asian-fusion cooking.

About John

Lisa’s culinary knowledge and skills were no doubt admired by John. Wherever you hail from in this world, it remains quite true that the way to a man’s heart is often via his stomach!

However, John – who was born in Laos – is also a great cook in his own right. He regularly rattled the pots and pans at home; impressing others with his culinary abilities.

John and Lisa often discussed the possibility of opening a takeaway restaurant in Adelaide offering great Thai food at very reasonable prices, then an opportunity presented for John to make a major career change. From that situation, a dream became reality and Quick Thai Cuisine was opened in December 2017.

It’s not just John and Lisa involved with the business – other family members also contribute their cooking skills and expertise, enabling the restaurant to offer a wide range of tasty and very affordable dishes, seven days a week. The business is truly a family affair.

John and Lisa look forward to welcoming you to Quick Thai Cuisine! Click here for contact details and directions or here for the menu.